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CMC Rescue MPD - Red

CMC Rescue MPD - Red
CMC Rescue MPD - Red CMC Rescue MPD - Red
Price: $1,366.01
Brand: CMC
Product Code: 333000
Availability: In Stock

The MPD allows you to go from lowering to raising without changing hardware.

More than nine years of research and development went into the patented Multi-Purpose Device (MPD), which features major innovations in advanced technical hardware for rope rescue professionals. The MPD’s high-efficiency pulley, with an integral rope-grab mechanism, allows it to be used as a lowering device on the main line and belay line systems and be quickly changed over to a raising system without switching out or replacing hardware. The combination of essential features into a single device simplifies on-scene rigging, expediting the rescue.

The revolutionary MPD increases user safety with:

  • Reduced weight
  • Fewer components
  • Faster rigging 
  • Quick changeovers
  • Simplified training
  • Lower risk

The MPD is UL classified as a pulley, descent control and belay device

  • Variable friction descent control device for rescue systems and rappels
  • Incorporates a high effciency pulley with an integral rope-locking mechanism (rachet) for a haul system
  • Built -in becket allows cleaner rigging and more efficient pulley systems
  • Allow main line and belay line rigging to be mirrored or twin-tensioned
  • Functions as both a lowering brake and as a ratcheting pulley for raising
  • Ideal for confined space operations because it converts rapidly to a retrieval line
  • Suits 12.5 - 13mm rope
  • 49kN  


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